Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Well, I'm not sure if anyone is still doing Ten on Tuesday, but here we go. I'm not going to consciously aim for ten...will see what happens.

1. We decided to sleep in on Thursday, which is hubby's day off this week. Last Sunday we got up early and drove to the Wisconsin Dells. It was fun, but hubby is tired.

2. We want to visit Madison one of these days. We want to visit an Albanian restaurant in the area named Sofra. Drive time about an hour and a half.

3. Another destination still on the list is Sheboygan, drive time about the same.

5. I see frost on the roof and grass but still my flowers on the window sill are ok. My Sedum 'Coral Reef" is doing well and turning a nice bronze color.

Summer color, a cutting I brought inside, in case I loose the outside one.

Fall color. These are all sedums, and should all be good through winter outside

Still hanging in there

Frosty morning but still not real cold

Still some color across highway 60 along the Rubicon river

6. March 4th will be our 1 year anniversary living here. Our lease will then go from a yearly lease to monthly....Wisconsin law.

7. Maybe we will stay, maybe we will move.

8. Hubby's wish list....great job with better pay, a charming downtown with shopping, places to walk.

9. My wish list....darker location so I can see the stars at night, a view of the sunset and places to walk where I don't need to cross such a busy highway, because I usually don't have the car, so I can't drive to a place to walk.

10. My hubby falls in love with every place we visit. So far....Port Washington, Oconcmowoc and Portage. I'm sure we will be adding Madison (ew...no way am I moving to a city, but an outlaying area, maybe) and Sheboygan to the list after we visit.

I managed 10 after all!

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