Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tuesday Came and Went

My friend, who always does Ten on Tuesday, did not do a Ten on Tuesday. I thought about it but honestly couldn't think of ten things to list. And then I checked with the lady who does the reminders, and she said she is switching to a once a month format, called "Ten on the Tenth". I checked her blog and the 10th went by with no post.

So today will be a Wednesday Ramble, or "Ramblin' on Wednesday". I made that up.

Yesterday I took a walk in the park. We had a cloudy start to a beautiful day, sunny and 70 degrees. Today we have some thunder rumbling, and there is a frost warning out for tonight. I have occasionally seen and heard a pair of Sandhill Cranes, but not every day.

Right now I am loving the sound of some rain with a few crashes of thunder. It's nearly 8:30 am and it's dark. My succulents are not going to like this darkness. When I lived in Indiana I had a south window with a high shelf which I never covered, so my plants had light all day. I hung curtains below the shelf for privacy. It worked great. In California I had wide window sills and the outdoors. About half my plants fit in the window here, when it's open, but not when the window is closed. I am going to need to rig up some lights. No easy task with my stiff neck. I might need to move the plants and turn over the shelves.

>Break for run to the store and looking for a misplaced cable<

It's now almost 4 pm. I haven't found the USB cable for updating our Garmin, but my camera cable works just fine. However my hubby will try to find the cable by looking everywhere I did if I have not found it by the time he comes home. He's like that. I learned a long time ago never to mention something that needs to be done late at night, because with my hubby there is no waiting until tomorrow. I just remind myself what an infuriating procrastinator my first hubby was and I'm ok with it.

It was pouring rain when I went to the store. Actually, it started when I was half way there. It rained rivers. The shopping cart was making rooster tails in the parking lot.

Enough rambles for today. Back to cleaning and looking for that cable!

*Update* I found it yay!

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