Monday, October 31, 2016

What I Ordered

The other day I mentioned that I placed an order of some items that might make me healthier. One was recommended by my doctor. She wants me to take 1,000 mg of either fish oil or krill oil per day. I opted for krill oil because it's not quite fishy, unlike the fish oil, which I cannot tolerate. The second item is pure whey protein with no soy. It's very hard to find anything "protein" and not have soy somehow included. I hate soy. It has been very, very bad to me. The third item....well, I'm up in the air on that one.
Here are the items:

Cutting through the hype regarding the LUCUMA powder. Some websites sell it as a sugar substitute but it is really not sweet enough. The company website lists it as an alternative sweetener, but includes this info:

"Lucuma has a unique taste and tends to enhance or compliment other flavors when mixed. You could consider it more of a unique flavoring rather than a sweetener."

I added some to my turned it a muddy tan. I still needed to add Splenda, which I was hoping to use less of. I do like it in my non-fat plain yogurt, which I sweeten and flavor myself.

If you are interested in learning more about this mild, slightly fruity powder, you can learn more here: Navitas Naturals/Lucuma Powder

If you decide to buy some, I found the best price here: Swanson Vitamins/Lucuma Powder.

I have been working on getting more sugar out of my life. It's a struggle. Some things I love do have some sugar. I'm limiting them. I'm making sure my carbs are complex, as my doctor recommended. I do need to loose some weight, though I don't know how much because I don't have a scale. (note to self---buy one). After my surgery I could hardly eat for a month. I was skinny. I looked sunken and frail. Then I got my appetite back but my hair started falling out. I had no energy and I was sad all the time. The stronger thyroid meds kicked me back to normal, except I was still eating, and eating. In a way I was hoping my face would plump up. It didn't. Only my stomach got fat. Oh well. Back to loosing weight. I'm also forcing myself to work out with my weights (one pound each). I have to keep kicking myself. My hubby works long hours, 12 hour days alone are boring.

We are in a "perpetual late fall" here for awhile. Hubby is off tomorrow. Yay! We are doing things together all day.

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