Friday, October 28, 2016

Kosova Coffee

We finally bought whole bean coffee so my hubby could try out our new grinder. He had to tighten the blades because it wasn't set fine enough. Manual grinders take a lot of effort, but the results are good. It seems like he got it ground to as fine as flour. I've tried to take some pictures. Let's see how it goes. The "gritty" coffee was ground with an electric machine set to "Turkish". The "fine" coffee was ground by hand with the Turkish grinder we recently bought.

Here is the gritty coffee, still quite fine, but not fine enough

Here is the fine

Finger print in the "gritty"

Finger print in the "fine"

Cooking the "gritty"

Cooking the "fine"

 Beautiful head of foam on the "gritty". This is how the coffee should look

Here is the "fine". It's a darker coffee. I didn't have the same beans as before. It's missing that nice foam so I'm not sure if it's the type of beans or if I needed to cook it longer.

What's left in the cup. There should be a deeper layer of "sludge" at the bottom. I needed to use more coffee. In any case, this is the "gritty" one, and the reason why it's not good for this type of coffee. Even though you don't drink the "sludge" you still get a few grounds in your mouth, and if it's not fine enough it is.....well....gritty

Here is the "fine". It has the smoothness needed for a good cup of Turkish coffee, or as my hubby calls it, Kosova coffee.

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