Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ramblin' on Wednesday

It's Wednesday...ramble on!

OMG my shoulders are still weak. 5+ months since my surgery and I've been thinking my favorite frying pan must weigh 5 pounds. I weighed it...on a postage scale....2 pounds. Yesterday I also picked up my 2 pound weights and did a few arm exercises. Big mistake. Next time use the one pound weights, and do it every day, dummy.

Cooking and washing dishes are my biggest challenges, every day, oh, and bending over and peering sideways into cabinets or the frig. I feel my neck and shoulders straining to do mundane tasks. Yesterday I also cooked three dishes and washed all those dishes and washed all the dishes from dinner and dried all the dishes and put them away and wiped down the stove and counters. Should be a daily thing, right? Usually I end up leaving some of it undone, but last night I was determined to finish, amid hubby's concerns that I was hurting myself. I went to bed achy.

The manual coffee grinder arrived yesterday. Now all we need are beans to grind. Hubby said it looks like it will be good enough.

Here is our grinder

The parts

After we buy coffee beans I will post a picture of the ground coffee.

It's cloudy and raining today. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and chilly, then warming into the 60's and then 50's.

I have an order coming Saturday (at least that's what the tracking says). I'm eager to show you what I ordered and how I hope it will help me eat better and keep my blood sugar under control. More on that later.

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