Thursday, September 28, 2023

I Don't Feel Like Writing, But I Should

We had a hot summer, then it cooled down and it's been raining and raining. I think we got about 2 inches. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and beautiful, which is good, because tomorrow and Saturday are my hubby's days off. We are looking forward to taking some walks.

Last weekend we drove up to Manitowoc Wisconsin. Between Manitowoc and Two Rivers there is a bicycle path and wayside parking, right along Lake Michigan. There you can find drifts of flowers and wonderful views of the Lake. We stopped by an amazing garden, so beautiful we were looking for the entrance fee, but it was free. If you are ever in the area, visit West of the Lake Gardens, 915 Memorial Drive, Manitowoc, WI 54220

West of the Lake Gardens (opens in new page)

Most of my succulents are still outside. It's still not cold enough to bring them in!

I'm trying to clean up and organize the spare bedroom. Not my strong point. I still battle sadness. I have so much in the past that I've lost.

I've been on a program offered by my insurance that coaches me on ways of eating so I can control my diabetes without adding insulin, which my doctor threatened to do if I didn't lower my numbers. So far I think it's working. The hardest part is when my hubby wants to take me out to eat. It would be easier if I liked steak, but I don't. Soups I used to eat are thickened with carbs (flour or starch), so those are a no. All pasta, bread, rice and beans are out. I haven't touched any of that since March of this year. I enjoy a taco salad (no chips or shell), or grilled chicken with a veggie. There are literally dozens of keto websites with hundreds of recipes, but sometimes I'm tired of cooking EVERYTHING. I also cook for my hubby, all the things I don't eat anymore. Eggs? Well, eggs are a great protein source. But I hate that eggy taste. I'm always looking for ways to hide it.

Well, I did manage to write some after all.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Just a Quick Post

 It's too late, I'm sleepy, but I wanted to say Congratulations to my Hubby for receiving the awesome raise! It's about time they paid him a fair wage. They took the time to tell him the value his hard work and they want him to continue working for the company. Not everyone stuck it out through the pandemic, and the company is thanking those who did.

Next month Hubby is flying back to Kosovo to visit his family and I am staying with my daughter in Indiana. Right now I have been preparing my plants for my time away. 

I have pictures, but not posting tonight

Thursday, April 22, 2021

It's Spring and I'm Conflicted

Spring changed forever when my daughter stepped out of my life forever. I am happy for all the "spring things" that make everyone happy. I am grateful for the longer days and the sunshine on my plants. I look forward to more walks with my husband, and this year I am staying with my daughter in Indiana for the whole time my husband will be overseas visiting his parents. 

But yet I feel shell-shocked, like there is some dark cloud over my head, like something bad happened. Well, it did. It takes my breath away that she was born in May and died in May. I didn't find her until the morning of June 1st, so that's the official date. I still have her final text, May 31, 2017 at 9:06 pm: "Won't the real estate agent be with you?"

It wasn't unusual for her to leave a conversation dangling. I thought nothing of it until she never answered my texts the following day when I thought she was at work.

I think a lot about my mom, too. My mom saved my life, even though she had been gone 10 years. I think I might not have survived the grief if she had not told me "don't be so sad because my daughter is safe with her". She spoke that, out loud, telepathically, in my head.

I hope this year, when I spend a month with my daughter in Indiana, that it will be a time for healing, for both of us. 

In other news, the neighbor hung bird feeders in the tree. I've been scattering bird seed on the ground. We've had a good assortment of birds, which makes everyone feel better. There is a pair of House Finches nesting in the tree next to the building.

Male House Finch

Tree where they are nesting

Succulent Saucer survived the winter

So happy to have Sedum Sarmentosum again!

Moving forward.....I just ordered some Adromischus from a seller online. This will be my first Adros that are not commonly found in stores, or many never found in stores. I'm getting one Clanwilliam and 4 surprise leaves, all marianiae. Here are some Clanwilliam:

And some others. I hope I get a red one

Friday, February 12, 2021

Catching Up, Looking Forward

I was browsing through my California blog, "Stories from the Mist" and I came across something I wrote:

    "I mark my days by the sunsets I've seen and the rocks I've gathered."

I would like to add, forests I've walked in and autumn leaves I've admired. 

That was a draft from October 2020. I thought I should publish it, since it's me in a nutshell.

I haven't written in a long time. I spend a lot of time on Facebook connecting with people. I've learned that probably many of us are crying a lot. The pandemic caused a separation from friends and family, a long one. And then there was the insurrection.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm getting my second Covid-19 vaccination this coming Thursday. Other family members are still waiting.

Some very good husband had his citizenship interview and he passed! The last step is the Oath Ceremony, scheduled in less than 2 weeks.

We went out to eat with our neighbors to celebrate. It felt good to laugh and and talk and laugh some more. It was zero that night. We are in a crazy long cold snap, like a polar vortex.

I putter around with my plants a lot. I belong to a succulent facebook group. I really should try to get all my succulent photos and advice all in one place.

I am so thankful for my husband. He is good company. In spite of the pandemic, we travel a lot, but carefully, masks, distancing, clean hands, don't touch one's face. Last summer we took many walks in the woods. 

Looking forward to getting together with family once we all have our shots.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Time to Catch Up

 The last time I wrote I was in despair over the thought of moving. I'm happy to report we are still here and my husband's work has swung into overdrive. 

This spring we bought a truck. My 2010 Hyundai was having repetitive suspension problems. It wasn't safe to drive down a highway. One of my husband's dreams was to buy a big American truck. A blue one. And there it was. With the lockdown in full swing, the prices were down, a lot, and we had savings. 

2018 Ford F-150

It's a joy to drive but hard to park. It also won't fit in the garage. Well, it would, if we could drive straight in, but because the approach must be while turning, it's not possible.

In other news, my husband's citizenship application is on hold. They just aren't doing anything. The appointment he had in March was cancelled. In August the USCIS laid off thousands of employees.

We took a lot of walks while work was slow, weather permitting. It was a hot and humid summer. Fall came suddenly with September, but not as much time to walk. We were able to visit my daughter in Indiana twice.

I still miss my daughter, always will. My neighbor and I have decided to start visiting again. 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Spring...Finally, and All the Other Stuff

I have the windows open today. The sun is trying to shine through a light overcast. The breeze is fresh. The geese just flew by. My daughter and her husband are finally moved into their new home. The Governor opened the State Parks again, this time with fees and Rangers. Should never have made them free with no Rangers. The parks were vandalized, some by out of state visitors who apparently don't give a damn.

Ok, I was just trying to delay talking about the Other Stuff.

The company my husband works for has been spiraling down the drain since before the virus crap. Now that it's even worse, my hubby has been able to claim unemployment because he is considered partially employed. So, that's good. They even tacked on the $600.


Now he's looking for work. So I'm sure we will end up moving AGAIN. I am tired of moving. I like the view, even if I can't hang a bird feeder or plant in the ground. The job he's interviewing for pays a lot more that where he works now.

That's all I feel like saying right now.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Hanging In There

I feel safe at home. I feel the most in danger in grocery stores. Shopping is no fun anymore. We are stocked up on most everything we need, except cleaning supplies. Stores have been wiped out. I do have bleach and a bottle of alcohol and plenty of soap. We're good on toilet paper. Didn't hoard, but we have enough.

My hubby has never been the stay at home type, but even he is better at it now. The good thing is we are allowed to walk in nature, as long as we do the social distancing. My hubby's job is deemed essential, but all overtime is gone and his regular hours are cut. No compensation for that, either. So we take advantage of his extra time off and go for walks, when the weather cooperates.

I'm handling it fairly well. I am stressed, though. Try not to be. Concerned for family and friends and hubby and myself. Thankfully hubby's work sent all office people home (work from home) and spaced the workers on the floor far apart, so when hubby works he isn't around anyone else.

The speed at which this world has changed is mind blowing. There is a dizzying amount of compassion, advancement and also stupidity and poor-ass leadership.

I spend a lot of time with my plants. I text my daughter. I miss her. Haven't seen her in over a year. On a good note, their new house is almost ready for inspection. I nibble too much. Didn't I mention stress....

It's a sunny day, but hubby is sleeping. We did sit on the patio in the sun for a hour. The breeze was cold, though. That's about all I have to say right now. Take care and stay healthy.