Sunday, March 4, 2018

It's March Already

And I'm not writing much. I've been impatient to move, a bit moody when alone all day, and really enjoying time with hubby on his days off. To top it off, my stupid left shoulder is acting wonky. I thought I was getting it loosened up, but I'm just managing to mess it up. It hurts and looses power in certain positions. It hurts a lot when I put on a coat. It clicks. And when I lie on it, it pops. I suppose I will need to mention it to my doctor.

In other news, the construction on our new apartment it now ahead of schedule. We might move by the end of this month, so I am stepping up the packing again.

The bird lady upstairs moved out the last day of the month. That meant the maintenance man and his wife had to shampoo and paint as soon as she turned in her key, so the new girl could move in the next day. They were up there painting until 1 am, trying to be quiet, so we could sleep.  The new girl moved in March first. It has been noisy most of the time. Well, the floors creak, and I think she spent the last two days unpacking, so there was a lot of clunking, stomping and creaking. Our new apartment will have extra thick, well insulated and sound-proof flooring, so, peace at last!

Hubby is off tomorrow! Just checked his schedule. Yay!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pike Lake

My neighbor and I had another Girl's Day Out. We decided to go to Grafton. On the way there, I wanted to stop at the Pike Lake office and purchase a 2018 State Park sticker. I asked the lady, "Who posts to the Friends of Pike Lake facebook page?" Turns out she does! We chatted awhile, and she said I am her biggest follower. How cool is that!

My neighbor and I had a good time shopping in Grafton. After we came home I started dough for homemade pizza, and had her and her husband over for dinner. We all told stories, looked at pictures, ate pizza and laughed a lot.

I came home with two more plants. I honestly don't know how I keep fitting them in my overcrowded light stand.
 Haworthiopsis coarctata var. greenii

Haworthia pygmaea

My neighbor scored a miniature Gasteria.

Count Down

Tuesday.....4 days!

My hubby really needs to be home. He has done all he can. His mom is going to have a tough road to recovery. I am not going to elaborate, because I know he wouldn't want me to. Allah willing, God willing, she will recover and walk again.

We are getting warmer and sunnier days now, after 9 days of snow storms. Chicago and Indiana got hit the hardest. Milwaukee got a lot, too, being next to the Lake. Here in Hartford we had about the half the amount, and a couple sunny days in between snows.

Tomorrow my neighbor and I are having another Girl's Day Out. I am driving to Grafton and we are going to shop. Then I'm making home made pizza for her and her husband.

I also need to stop by the Pike Lake ranger's office and buy my sticker for the car. It will be good for the year, and for every State Park in Wisconsin. I was thinking to drive up to the road where I took a couple pictures last year, so I could capture the trees with the winter snow.Not sure that road will be open.

I am mesmerized by these two pictures. They must subconsciously remind me of some special time in my past Wisconsin adventures. I first set foot in Wisconsin the end of August 1969. I have loved it ever since.

The pictures were taken in November 2017, in this location (see red circle). If the road to the campground is open, I will be able to drive to the location. If not, I will just wait. I'm not planning to get stuck on any snowy roads.

In case you want to see the full map, it is located here:

I am off to bed.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Home Soon

My hubby will be home late on the 17th. We miss each other, a lot. He has done double duty caring for his mom, and has ensured someone will be there to help after he leaves. His mom still needs a lot of help as she still cannot put any weight on the ankle that was cracked. In 3 weeks the cast will come off and hopefully, gradually, she will begin to walk. We all know it will be painful for some time.

Speaking of pain, a week ago or so I became inspired to start exercising. It's been a long time. The way I exercise would be described as some sort of combination of repetitive movements and interpretive dance. I just make it up as I go, to music I like. My first go at it sounded like a fifth grader cracking their knuckles, only it was every joint in my body. Honestly, I've been frozen in grief for a long time. I had to get moving. My left shoulder was hurting and loosing mobility. I've got it unstuck now.

I gave up butter, again. I gave it up years ago when it caused pain. I was told I had an inflamed gall bladder. I stopped eating butter and the pain went away. For some reason I thought I could start eating butter again, with disastrous heartburn. I'm on PPI meds for 90 days.

In a previous post I mentioned I needed an estrogen cream. Not going to happen. My insurance won't pay for it. I read that coconut oil is soothing. Will give it a go.

I've been trying really hard to stay within my calorie allotment. I use MyFitnessPal on my phone to track my food. It works well. The belly must go. It's not good for my health. I'm diabetic, and bellies don't bode well for diabetics.

I think I have lost a couple pounds. I see my doc again the end of this month, and I will have an accurate measure. I'm going to talk to her about my digestion, and why I'm having a difficult time with it. Maybe I need digestive enzymes. Or she will order some tests. We will get to the bottom of this.

Yesterday I ate an avocado, the first one I've had in maybe a year or more. Since avocado usually make my mouth itch, I made guacamole out of it, and ate it with some crackers, since I didn't have chips on hand. I did that at 6 pm. I was still burping avocado at 2 am, however I finally felt like I was able to sleep by about 2:30. About a week ago I made sour kraut and onions with a hot dog. That also sat on my stomach half the night. I've been eating early but some things seem to sit.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Yesterday I found out the construction on the new apartment is a month behind schedule. We had been assured the move in date would be March 1st or before. This was particularly unsettling because our lease is up March 1st and we didn't renew, nor did we decide to go month to month. We sent the notice back that we would terminate. The property manager, who is a real nice person, contacted the landlady and presented our predicament. Thankfully she agreed to allow us to stay until the apartment is complete. She even agreed to refund any rent we don't use. We are very thankful for that.

Today was sunny with teeth, a saying my hubby told me before he immigrated. I thought it was cute. It was about 12 degrees around 6 this morning. The wind was howling. By noon it was 7. It seemed to stay at 7 for most of the day. Then I saw 9. Now it's down to 3. At least the wind isn't blowing.

My daughter sold her house, not sure if I mentioned that. She has been sad, because she put her heart and soul into that house. She bought it nearly 20 years ago. So many memories there. Next week she takes off work for a day to sign papers. It will be bittersweet for her. Once everything is complete, she and her hubby can begin building their new house together.

I was reading through some of my first blog. I love the memories yet I dread the memories, because they involve so many losses.

I will be happy when my hubby comes home from Kosovo.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Girls Day Out

Today started out nice and sunny, and in the 40's, so my neighbor and I went shopping in West Bend. We looked for succulents in Steins, Home Depot and Meijer's. We stopped for coffee at Dunn Brothers Coffee It was my neighbor's first time ever being in a coffee bar. My neighbor had a blast and bought several plants. I didn't see a lot that I wanted but I bought one, a Haworthia.

While my dear husband toils daily taking care of his mom (God Bless him), I am bored without him and filling my time with Facebook, watching PBS and packing, oh, and drawing a little and succulent shopping. Well, hey, I'm not crying.

I saw my doctor the other day. I requested it because I was having issues. She ran some labs and prescribed some Pepsid for my excessive heartburn, magnesium for leg cramps, and estrogen cream for dryness down there, because I noticed some pink, and I was alarmed, especially since hubby is away so nothing is going on...personally....I think you get it. Just dryness.

The Pepsid has helped a lot. I was to the point that I couldn't eat anything without pain. I also bought some probiotics. I think some of my problems are from my life turning into a train wreck after loosing my daughter. I mostly cried for 6 months, but I had to make a choice. I had to choose life.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


My hubby's mom needed additional surgery to have pins set in her ankle. She is recovering. Hopefully she will be home soon. It has been hard on my husband and his dad. They take turns spending the night at the hospital. Sometimes there is a shortage of staff and my hubby and his dad do the jobs of nurses' aids. When mom is back home, a nurse and a therapist have been employed to visit.

I have been busy packing. Tomorrow I am showing the apartment to a potential renter. The property manager will be here as well. The property manager and his wife told me that they will be moving into this apartment for one week while they renovate the apartment they are in now, across the hall. Then they will move back into their apartment, and shampoo the carpet here so it will be ready for new tenants. The nice thing is we don't need to shampoo the carpet, because shampooing twice in a week's time would not be good. I am cleaning as I pack, so I won't have so much to do when we move out.

I am working on eating better, cutting sugar and lowering fats. I seem, as usual, to be an exception to the rule when it comes to diets. The Paleo diet makes me cringe. All that fat that is supposed to be good? Oh hell no! I get the Worst. Heartburn. Ever. It seems I have become more and more sensitive to any kind of fat or oil. I suppose I need to bring it up to my doctor, especially since it seems my digestive issues are getting worse. I'm also cutting waaay back on coffee, and trying to eat so that I don't need to take any kind of antacid.

So today I made soup. I cooked a chicken leg for a long time to make a nice broth. Then I threw out the leg. Yes I did. I hate dark meat, Yuck! I initially wanted to use a chicken breast but it had a slight strong odor. I won't eat questionable food. (I bought some deli chicken tenders at Walmart to replace the protein I was missing). I added chopped onion, celery, carrots and one small potato and simmered till done. Then I let it cool and I ran it through the blender till everything was chopped really fine. At that point I added salt to taste, some dill and a small amount of cream. It was good, and I made sure to only eat a small amount. I'm trying to loose weight. I have gained 5 pounds since going on Glipizide. I don't feel well at 160, and most of the weight is in my stomach. I use the app "MyFitnessPal" to keep track of the foods I eat.

I did have good news from my endo doc (endocrinologist, or hormone doc). The results of my latest test are normal. I see him again in December.

My mood seems to be better. Forcing myself to pack and clean has helped me break out of my depression. I made a personal resolution to learn to live again and not be so sad. My husband and my other daughter need me.