Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Today was hubby's last day off this week so we drove tho Iron Ridge and Mayville. Iron Ridge has several ridges, each higher than the first. You can see for miles to the west, south and north. The last and highest ridge has a wind farm on the other side. New construction, especially condos, is booming in Iron Ridge.

Then we continued to Mayville. We are impressed with Mayville. The population is about 5,000, one third the size of Hartford, but the quaint downtown is 4 times as big. Houses are more affordable, apartments are more affordable. We aren't sure of the job situation. We enjoyed a short walk around town, stopped for coffee, watched an eagle soar over the water, and drove home.

We left Mayville at 4 pm, reached the highway 60 junction at 4:14, and passed my hubby's work at 4:19. Of course, that's in good weather. Honestly I think it would become exhausting in winter if hubby had to drive that far to work. There are jobs up there. I think the best strategy would be for hubby to find a job, then we rent an apartment until we again qualify for a mortgage loan.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Well, yeah, bad mood yesterday

Ok, regrouping. We have a new plan.

  • Continue to pay off credits 
  • Continue saving aggressively
  • Hubby visits parents next winter/spring
  • We look to buy in 2018
Hubby needs to visit Kosovo. His mom is sad, she's old, nuff said.

Now it's in the back of my mind....what if we miss our dream home because I told the realtor we need to wait. If by some miracle we get enough saved up.....we just need to wait and see.

Monday, March 20, 2017

On Hold

We are putting our plan on hold. Yes, we qualified, but it's not enough to buy something here in Hartford. The next county over is cheaper but not much for sale there, unless you go farther away. The trouble is, "farther away" is down county roads that might not get plowed in time for hubby to make it to work or back home. We decided to wait, save more, and completely pay off our credit cards, which by American averages, are way, way below normal.

Another issue is hubby's work is slow. The company is telling people they won't get a lot of overtime this year. They didn't even give any raises. Heck, freakin' Walmart gave raises. My daughter got a raise.

Oh well, it is what it is.

Happy first day of spring. At least the snow melted.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What's Up

One day when hubby and I were looking at houses online, I clicked on one of those "Get pre-approved" buttons and filled out the form. I instantly got a call from Quicken Loans.

Buying a house requires lots of homework. I am a former homeowner, but that was 3 years ago. Both hubby and I qualify as first time home buyers with 1% down. Our credit rating is above the requirement. Our income to debt ratio is excellent. We don't have 20% in the bank. 3% is more like it. Pre-approval is not the same as actually having a letter in hand. We will need to wait and see what they actually approve us for.

Enter the homework, Aside from the obvious gathering of documents, there is the question of what lender do we trust, who has the best deal, how to find a good realtor.

In the meantime, we do not:

  • Change jobs or quit a job or become self-employed
  • Open a new charge card
  • Take out a loan
  • Buy anything major like a car or furniture
  • Make any late payments
  • Open a new bank account
  • Originate inquiries into our credit
  • Co-sign a loan
  • Spend money set aside for closing

The exciting part is that we are probably much closer to buying a home than we thought.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

The dark mood has passed.

It was more political and social than because of the weather. Things affect you, what thoughtless people say affects you, even when they don't really know you, so they don't think they are talking about you, but they are, and just don't know it. When you watch your country become divided, with sensible people on one side and knee-jerk jerks on the other, it becomes difficult. But many in America rose up, and came together, and my immigrant hubby, legal immigrant hubby, can see that.

We have decided to stay in Hartford, and for that I am infinitely thankful. My hubby has received an offer for job training in a better department, in the very company he is working for now. When completed, his pay should be where he wanted it to be.

Regarding Madison, we decided it should just be an occasional overnight mini vacation. In fact, hubby is there now with his cousin and friends. After hearing about our visit, they wanted to go, too!

As for Wisconsin, everyone in this state complains about the taxes, but we are here, loving our state anyway.

After hubby left for his trip, I joined my daughter for a cleaning marathon. We packed away several boxes in her basement storage. Tomorrow we are going to tackle my storage.

Yesterday evening I took this photo looking out from my daughter's apartment. I would say, she has the better view.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Not in the Mood

I haven't been in the mood to write. Well, actually, I have, but I haven't been in the mood to publish my thoughts, at least not all of them.

I think hubby and I have the late winter blues. We enjoyed the week of spring temperatures. We had a mini vacation in Madison. We want to go back. Downtown Madison has coffee shops everywhere, along with multi-cultural food and plenty of unusual shopping.

Hubby wants to find a better job, one that he is more satisfied with, and with better pay. We don't care where such job may be, as we are willing to relocate.

We both love walking nature trails. The trails are muddy, another thing that bums us out.

We didn't know how high the state income taxes are here in Wisconsin when we moved here. We thought no place was more expensive than California, except New York. That's kind of depressing, along with the low wages. Hubby doesn't want to change states. I don't either, not really. Where would we go?

We ate at an Albanian restaurant when we were in Madison. It was nice. Afterward we shopped an a Turkish market that also carries some Albanian items. When we were leaving we noticed another store with Halal meat. We didn't stop in as we wanted to head home because of the changing weather.

We enjoyed the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and want to come back when things are green and blooming. They have trails.

I guess I found some stuff to write about after all.