Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Last Tuesday I posted 5 things I looked forward to doing this Fall. Here is how the list is going, plus 5 things I need to do.

1. Watching the leaves turn colors.
They are beginning to turn. Yesterday my daughter and I went shopping together. She was delighted to see the fall colors, because the last time she had seen them was in 2010, the year her father died. She had just returned to the US after living in Australia for 8 years. By September 2011 she had moved to California.
2. Taking walks with hubby on his days off.
Hubby has a day off Friday. We are hoping for no rain. It's been raining on and off and cloudy quite often. Everyone is waiting for and hoping for "Indian Summer". If the sun comes out today, my daughter and I plan to take a walk.
3. Taking lots of pretty fall pictures.
Still working on this one.
4. Coffee on the balcony in Grafton
Did it! It was nice, kind of windy that day, and mostly cloudy.
5. Cooking in the oven more since the weather will be cooler.
Going OK, only hindered by my husband's picky eating. Albanians eat everything cut into bite sized pieces all cooked together in one pan. No such thing as a hunk of meat with a spud and a spoon of veggies.....no, the meat must be bite sized and the spuds bite sized and all mixed together. I once made a meat loaf. My hubby said it should be flatter and smaller, like many small ones, not one big chunk. Although he will eat a roast chicken.

Five Things I Need to Do:

1. Bring in my plants...not all that hard, but some need repotting. I found some cute pots when my daughter and I shopped the resale stores. Yup....that's a little turtle clinging to the side of the pot that looks like a rock. I collect turtle miniatures AND rocks, so that pot just rocks!

2. Figure out the shoe/boot situation. Winter is coming. Snowy, wet shoes and/or boots will be coming in with no proper place to put them in this tiny apartment. We found a boot tray for $5 but now where to put it? I fear that cute little table under the window will need to move. It doesn't just sit over the boot tray, it sits inside, with its legs inside the tray. Not good. And, with the shoe rack over the boot tray, no boots can fit in it.

Nope, door won't open enough

Nope again, still in the way

Looks like the only option. See how I put my hubby's shoes? They dry real nice over the radiator that way.

So....now, where to put my cute little table? The one bad thing about this tiny apartment...how to arrange furniture.

3. Obviously, number 3 will be arranging furniture.

4. Order a manual coffee grinder. No, electric coffee grinders set to "Turkish" DO NOT grind coffee fine enough for Turkish coffee. Case in point. Coffee on the left, ground on a commercial machine set to "Turkish". Coffee on the right, ground in my daughter's burr grinder set on "Turkish". Nope and nope. Unless the coffee is as fine as flour, as fine as dust, just powder, no grains at all whatsoever, then it is NOT fine enough for Turkish coffee. To avoid paying $1,000 for a commercial grade REAL Turkish coffee electric grinder, we are going to buy a manual one. Why so fine? So you don't drink grit when you drink it, because it's not filtered.

5. Shop for new clothes. I have jeans and tops, but I need something to lounge in. My hubby says he's sad seeing me in the same comfy outfit every day. He wants to buy me something nice. I dig in my heels because I don't want to spend money. But I said "OK". Now, am I really going to find something? I have a top that is size 1X simply because it's long enough to cover my butt, but it's a little baggy. I want something a little loose and soft, but not too baggy and not tight, not too warm but not too lightweight either because of cooler weather. If I had some nice longer tops or tunics I could easily pair them with leggings. Oh, and no dark colors. And not $89. Holy cow online clothes are expensive.

I think the woman's clothing has nice styles but they are too big on me. Maybe I need to shop the resale shops for short dresses and just wear leggings under them.


A :-) said...

Would a French Press work for the Turkish coffee?

candy said...

No, because with Turkish coffee, the grounds go in the cup and sink to the bottom. Because it is fine, like flour, you don't get a gritty feeling in your mouth. Turkish coffee is not filtered.