Friday, August 26, 2016

Today I had Fun

Usually I take a nap after my hubby leaves for work. I think it's been mostly from boredom. Today I got an idea, and I was no longer sleepy. I decided to turn my one-shelf window set-up into two shelves. I don't like my plants to be crowded, well, the little ones can be, but the bigger ones I like to have spaced out, sort of "on display". Having two shelves also gave me room to display some of my favorite things.

Here is my shelf with plants bunched up. All the ones in the window sill also need to come in before winter, because they are in an open window, against the screen.

The plants against the screen in the open window.

Another view of the one-shelf set up. 

Here are the two shelves (that's an Albanian flag to the left, my hubby is Albanian).

Here is the wooden table with the shoe rack below it. The table was a kit that I assembled by myself because I wanted to do a project. The two handmade bowels were given to me by my daughter in Indiana. She bought them in Arkansas.

Here is the small green one with an impression of Dill.

Here is the large blue one with an impression of Thyme

The bottoms of the bowels. I had to stabilize them a bit.

Rocks from California. Yes, I really did bring heavy rocks. My hubby gathered the black ones. I found the heart-shaped one.

An amethyst necklace I made for my mom years ago. It has a few real amethyst stones in it. I never wear it because it doesn't go with anything I have, so I put it in this delicate pink stemware I found at a resale shop. To the left is Aloe aristata, bought from Flora Pacifica in Oregon.

My black jewel orchid, which I've had for maybe 20 years. Or it might have been my mom's, or a combo of both plants. We each bought one from a store long gone.

Ink wells that my grandpa collected eons ago.

A basket of rocks. Yes, I love rocks.

The kitty planter that was my moms, currently un-planted

And to finish things off, I added some more jewelry I love but don't wear to my ocean wave vase. Why should my jewelry box have all the fun?

Looking inside, two bead necklaces I made years ago and a starfish set, earrings and brooch, bought in Florida in 1995. Yes, I have worn them, but not often.

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