Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ten on Tuesday Revisited

I gathered them all up and looked them over. They are pretty boring, except for the first one, which I hardly expanded on. I decided to do that, so here we go.

From Stories from the Mist, Ten on Tuesday, location, Crescent City, California. Because we don't live there now, some of my answers are a little subjective.

Nov. 10, 2015

1. Ten things I'm thankful for. (What my parents taught me, the 8-1/2 years I spent living in the desert (Midland), the chance to have fun living near Hollywood California in my teen years, my first husband, my daughters, beating cancer, my second husband, the chance to visit Kosovo twice, living in California again, the chance to live in Wisconsin)

2. Ten things I miss from the Midwest. (Autumn leaves, snowy landscapes, spring, fall, Lake Michigan, Aldi, my daughter in Indiana, my husband's health, ethnic food, northern lights....they don't happen often but they can't be seen from California)

3. Ten things I've gained. (See # 6) 

4. Ten things I lost. (See # 2)

5. Ten things I'm afraid of. (Spiders, spider webs, heavy traffic, expressways, mountain roads, crashing into a river off a mountain road, walking alone in the dark, really big spiders, walking into a web, touching a web.....yes, I listed them again)

6. Ten things I love about where I am. (The California point of view here, because I posted this when I lived there---ocean views, the Smith River, nature trail walks with my husband, time spent with my younger daughter, our spacious duplex, a view of the sunsets, rocks, going to the shooting range in the mountains, fresh air, no summer humidity)

7. Ten things things I would change if I could.

8. Ten Poems I've written (This will take some digging)

9. Ten pets I've had (Desert tortoise, Horned Lizard, Garter Snake, White rat, Mouse, Praying Mantis, Parakeet, Dog, Cat, Bunny)

10. Ten places I've lived.
(Lawrence Massachusetts---place of birth, 
Inglewood California---age 3 to 4-1/2, 
Midland California---age 4-1/2 to 13, 
Bell California---age 13 to 15, 
Bell Gardens California---age 15 to 19, 
Highland Indiana---age 19 to 20, 
Hammond Indiana---age 20 bought our house with 1st husband,
Dyer Indiana---a brief time when we rented our house out for 2 years before moving back to Hammond, 
Crescent City California---moved with my second husband from September 2014 to Feb 2016, 
Hartford Wisconsin---March 2016 to Present)
...those are in order)

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