Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Alarms

Yesterday I had my 3 month check up and X-ray. Results, excellent. Chance for future problems, slim, unless I stress my remaining movable neck joints too much. Chance for setting off airport security alarms...none. The metal in my neck is Titanium, and it's even MRI safe. Oh well, so much for setting off all the bells and whistles. It is possible for the joints above and below the fusion to eventually fail, but it doesn't happen to everyone, and if so, usually several years down the road.

I also need new glasses, simply because the ones I have are 10 years old and the lenses are cloudy. I tried to get new glasses when we still lived in California. The optical department at Fred Meyers in Brookings Oregon was close by and I found nice frames. The problem was the first time they put someone else's prescription in my frames. The second time it was my prescription but it was off. I still couldn't see well. This time we were less than 2 weeks away from moving. I had no choice but to get my money back. We were out of time.

I was kind of shocked when I started looking for glasses here because 95% of the frames were ugly thick black or dark plastic things. I don't care HOW FASHIONABLE they are supposed to be, to me they look like crap. Anyway, I'm on my hubby's vision plan from his work, and they only accept certain places. Since the Sofia Loren brand is always the one I reach for, as it turned out, Sears Optical was to be our go-to place. We drove out on Saturday because hubby had the day off. I lucked out and got a walk-in exam. The doc was good, an older man who was sharp as a tack. I felt good about my exam. My new script is only slightly changed from my old one. He also told me that I have some very slight yellowing of the lenses in my eyes. He said it is a very slight beginning of age-related cataracts. I asked about how this could progress. He said it might be 7 years before I need surgery. Let's hope my eyes and neck hold out, so I don't "fall apart" all at once.

We have been enjoying cooler, dryer weather. We've had some torrential rains. It's really green here. The lawns have been green all summer, no need to water. I've heard there are droughts in other areas of the Midwest. I don't ever remember having humidity in Wisconsin in the past. There was never a need for air conditioning at the cottage.

Looking back a little over a week, we had a good time with my older daughter, her hubby and his 2 kids. We went swimming one day, ate dinner at Perc Place, had a good time talking and laughing. My younger daughter appreciates having some furniture, which was the main reason for the visit.

Oh dear...it's Tuesday, and I didn't do a Ten on Tuesday.....ok, quick:

10 Things I Need to Do

1. Sort and file old mail
2. Clean out my closet
3. Repot some of my plants
4. Take more walks
5. Go back to healthy eating
6. Stop being so lazy (related to having no energy?)
7. Get my energy back (related to being lazy?)
8. Seriously sort out all the stuff in the bins in the bedroom
9. Sleep better...new pillow? (Maybe why I'm tired and lazy?)
10. Get better pictures of the mommy deer and her fawns and the Sandhill cranes

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