Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

The Robins left at some point. I didn't notice when. The Sandhill cranes have all flown south and the geese are heading that way, too. And it's Tuesday.

Today's post is in two parts, five in each.

Part One: The 5 Best Things I Did This Summer

1. Swimming with my daughter from Indiana and her hubby and his kids in the local pool.

2. Cooking out at Pike Lake with my daughter from Indiana and her family.

3. Exploring Wisconsin with my hubby on his days off.

4. Seeing Oconomowoc, Port Washington and other towns.

5. Visiting my other daughter (next apartment building) and laughing at the stories she tells.

Part Two: 5 Things I Am Looking Forward to Doing This Fall

1. Watching the leaves turn colors.

2. Taking walks with hubby on his days off.

3. Taking lots of pretty fall pictures.

4. Coffee on the balcony in Grafton

5. Cooking in the oven more since the weather will be cooler.

Some other things on my mind right now. My doctor upped my thyroid medicine from 75mcg to 125mcg. She upped my vitamin D3 from 2,000 IU to 6,000 IU. She also added Zetia, since I have no tolerance for statins. I must take 100 mg CoQ10 with the Zetia. She also added prescription-strength fish oil (ugh....fish burps...hate them). This is all in addition to the Biotin I take for my hair and other herbs I take. Too many pills, although half of them are supplements and not actual medications.

It seems like my hair fallout is finally slowing. I know I said that before but it wasn't true. It continued to come out in fistfuls. It may be coincidence but the fallout seemed slow significantly with the increase in my thyroid medicine.

It's a beautiful, sunny day.


A :-) said...

You might try taking the fish oil after dinner or before bed when there's still a little food in your stomach. That cut down any fish burps for me.

candy said...

I try to finish taking my pills with dinner and not have anything more than a glass of milk before bed. I'm prone to heartburn. I might switch to Kill oil later, even though it's OTC and my insurance won't pay for it.