Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I texted that to my daughter and she asked to buy an "O". Thought that was funny.

Anyway, hubby and I had a nice time but he was tired so we didn't stay a long time. Tomorrow my daughter is off work so we are planning to go together. I told her they have Java Hut. She used to drink their coffee often in California.

So...you probably have heard of a "Flash Mob". Apparently Oconomowoc had a "yarn mob". Yarn was on everything, and most of the pieces had been auctioned off for charity. So, here is downtown all knitted up.
Bench warmer

I like these with the flowers


Hubby said, "Take a picture of that one!"

Even the trees!

Light posts

There are a lot of places to sit in Oconomowoc


Flower pots

Window boxes!

And I just realized this is a sedum I used to grow in Indiana

We stopped for coffee (not Java Hut)


One of the numerous lakes in the area. Ococomowoc is between two of them

A duck paddled by

Another view of the lake

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