Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Wish I Could Fix These Things

Yesterday I was going to post a "Ten on Tuesday". I wrote it, then decided not to publish it. Basically it was a list of all the ways my hubby and I love each other and do things together. Nothing wrong with that, but it's probably boring for you to read. So today I want to address a few thorns in my side.

1. My hair. It's still falling out. My hair is pure white in front. In back it has these weird patches of mostly dark hair, and in between those, a smattering of salt and pepper. I don't like the zebra look, so I lighten the dark hair to a golden blonde, which blends really nice with my white hair. The last time I lightened it was early August. So it's been a month, and I have dark roots nearly an inch long! So my white hair is STILL falling out yet my dark hair is growing. I have new hair growing at the nap of my neck where they shaved me for surgery, but I can't tell if anything new is growing where is needs to be growing to keep me from looking bald. Here is my "hair is so thin I can see the scalp" look. Not liking it one bit. GRRRRR

2. My cheeks. They are getting that hollow look. That tired, you need more sleep look. Ok, I know smiling is half the battle, but seriously, I inherited my dad's bulldog jowls. 

I think insurance companies should give women over 60 a "filler allowance" of about $2,000 every 2 years so we can look beautiful, too.

No, my hubby has nothing to do with these feelings about myself. He loves me, totally. Yes, I told him I got filler in my cheeks, because I didn't have any cheeks, and I used to look like picture #1 above. I wasn't tired, but I looked tired. And everybody thought I was mad, including my first husband. I can't tell you how much that investment improved my life.

3. I can't think of a number three right now. 

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