Monday, September 12, 2016

High Blood Sugar

Going back to the doctor on Thursday, blood test before then. I think part of the reason I'm tired is that it's been a bit higher than normal. Before I ended up in the hospital this spring I was put on Januvia. After the first hospital stint they told me don't take it anymore, but they did put me on Tradjenta, which is similar. Then my drug insurance got cancelled, so I didn't refill. I got the insurance snafu fixed in time for September, but then the Tradjenta didn't refill, maybe because it was scripted from a doctor in Milwaukee and it needed to be refilled by my doc here in Hartford.

So that brings us to today. I'm tired. It's a sunny, breezy day with a few fall colors here and there. I usually get moody when the days are shorter. But now I am moody and tired, and my blood sugar is high. I'm hoping getting back on the Tradjenta will get my BP under control so I can have more energy.

As for the moodiness....well, I was going through my pictures from California, looking for a particular succulent, because I took a picture of the name. I'm sorry I had to leave that plant behind. The cutting I took died. I had to leave a lot of nice succulents and a few beautiful flower pots behind.
 The succulent I named "Bumpy"
Nope, the Home Depot stores around here don't have anything like this, probably because it can only take temps around 20 degrees F and it doesn't grow well inside. <sigh>

I need to get cooking and washing clothes. Tomorrow I will post about Oconomowoc. Just roll the name out. It's

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