Saturday, September 17, 2016

Feeling Better!

My thyroid was getting low, so my doc upped the dosage. I'm back on the Tradjenta. My blood sugar is better. I'm not feeling like I want to sleep all day. It's a beautiful, sunny day today and I feel like I can enjoy it. I think the low thyroid was the root of a lot of my issues.

The Aveeno Baby sunscreen lotion I bought seems to be working. I've not had any breakouts. I've figured out the burning sensation I get is from the retinol I use. It's a new tube, so maybe it's a little stronger. I've dialed it back a bit. This sunscreen has "soothing oatmeal" and I think that helps as well.

Yesterday hubby and I went to Grafton to shop (Target) and then to West Bend (Menard's). Between the two, along a country road (we always take country roads when possible) we stopped at a farm selling vegetables. It was an excellent choice! Here is what we bought. Have you ever seen yellow carrots?

After we told them we have been exploring Wisconsin by country roads, they gave us a copy of this guide. 

We were going to drive up to Sheboygan, but the tetanus shot I had the day before was making me feel crummy, so we went home.

Next adventure...we want to explore Grafton. The Milwaukee River runs through town and there are a couple of establishments with a river view. One has a big balcony where you can sit outside. When we lived in Indiana we used to visit a restaurant/coffee bar in Highland that had a deck facing the park. It was enjoyable to sit there and drink coffee. We miss that experience.

I've been thinking a lot about where we are and where we would like to be. We both have tumbled around the idea of buying a home. I would like more windows. Apartment living basically gives you a one-direction view. You will have sunrises or sunsets, but probably not both. Hubby would like to own a dog. I would like to be closer to nature.

Right now hubby and I are enjoying driving around to other communities. The country roads are lovely, and seeing new places is fun. We like Oconomowoc's quaint downtown and close proximity to the lakes in the area. Port Washington was fun as well, and right on Lake Michigan. Grafton has an inviting downtown along the river that we have yet to explore.

So...that leads us to where and what we want. Hubby wants a better paying job. I want a better view. At this point we don't know if that will happen here in Hartford or somewhere else. Our one-year lease is up in March. After that it becomes a monthly thing, which seems to be the norm everywhere in Wisconsin.

We are still trying to "find ourselves".  A cute town with a coffee bar with a view from a balcony, a good job, and some place to live with a view. Are we asking too much? Some things might need a little where we live. Lake front and river view properties are hugely expensive. Anybody with a lot of money has already bought them up. We are sort of "close" to Milwaukee, which has something to do with it. We don't want to live "in the boonies" because, well, hubby needs a job, and I can't live in the middle of farmlands because of the smells and allergies I have to fields that are being sprayed, plowed, you name it. Another thing is's easier to find Albanian type food in the Milwaukee area. A nearby Aldi store is a must.

Some things I'm a camper, not a tent. That would help with the nature view. However....we would need a place to park the camper when we are not using it. Not crazy about the idea of tent camping, although if we tent camped we wouldn't need to haul a camper. I was looking at would be possible and within budget to buy a small parcel in the woods near or even on the water....but....there is upkeep, and the fact that it would probably be about 2 hours drive away. It needs to be maintained, or it will become overgrown and full of weeds and deer ticks. Taxes need to be paid, whether it is used or not. Or...maybe there is an apartment complex or condo with a view...affordable? Just some ideas I'm tossing around in my head before I discuss with hubby. My hubby is very open to all my ideas. He wants me to be happy.

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