Saturday, May 20, 2017

Well... crud

My ACTH test came back, even higher...80.8

My previous numbers were 68.5 and 59.7

So....I'm sure I will be hearing from the Endo Doc. Since my cortisol seems to be in a normal range, I have no idea what this means. Usually it's a combo...high ACTH/low cortisol or low/high or something, but not high/normal.

I am thankful I have really good insurance. Zero deductible, zero co-pay. Medicare is $109 per month and Blue Cross Blue Shield of California is $181 per month. I kept it because Wisconsin does not have plan F.

Speaking of health insurance reminded me of a recent conversation when we were visiting family in Indiana. My SIL's health insurance deductible before the ACA = $500. After (with) the ACA = $15,000. My daughter said her deductible went up by $10,000. Before the ACA her lab tests were covered. Now they are not. She cannot afford to get the tests she needs, so she went off a medication. She won't be eligible for Medicare for 20 more years. Basically Obamacare is catastrophic insurance, because it doesn't pay much of anything else, at least in Indiana.

This is part of the insurance train wreck that put the ass hole in office.

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