Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Catching Up

We drove down to Indiana on Saturday, May 6th, to help my daughter get her house fixed to sell. My hubby is on vacation, and my daughter and her hubby both asked for a week off, which worked out great. We got a lot done, or I should say, they did. I did manage to tape and cut in the bedroom so my daughter could roll it, and I helped her wash the windows. I had to stop after sanding in the hallway because my bum arm and shoulders started to ache. By "bum arm", I mean the one with 7 lymph nodes removed, which causes my arm to ache if I do too much. It's a lifelong thing. My neck was also getting pretty darn sore, and the dust was giving me asthma problems, even with a dust mask, so I quit.

Hubby and daughter's hubby were busy with the floors. My hubby laid the ceramic tile. They all cleared out a lot of stuff, so to the dump, some to storage. They said the help put them ahead by a few months. It's pretty hard for them to get anything done because they have his kids every other weekend and they have softball games. They also have games on Monday and Tuesday afternoons after school. That leaves them 3 days a week and every other weekend.

My daughter needs to sell her house so she and her hubby can start building their home. Currently they are squished into a 2 bedroom apartment.

We had a good time, went out to eat every night....not something I usually do.

My daughter bought me some succulents for Mother's Day :)

We also spent some time petting my daughter's kitty, because he was a bit upset with all the commotion going on. They will try to squeeze him into their apartment until we get a house. We offered to take him, but we can't yet because our apartment is "no pets".

And my younger daughter had this in our apartment waiting for me to come home :)

We came home Sunday, May 14. Monday hubby and I had a meeting with a realtor. It was a good meeting. She will call us if something comes up in our price range.

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