Thursday, April 13, 2017

Condos, Townhomes and Duplexs, Oh My

Well, hubby is really pushing for the no-maintenance condo option. I'm Ok with it if there are enough windows and a view of nature. It means not having a yard, or chickens,and he has to give up thinking about getting a German Shepherd.

Hubby looking for something to buy:

  • Modern appliances...check
  • Elegant design...check
  • A large deck...check
  • Underground or garage parking...check
  • No maintenance...check
  • Nice clubhouse and pool...check
Me looking for something to buy:
  • Is it in good condition...check
  • Does it have a view of nature...check
Is something backwards here? 

There is a condo in West Bend that has wooded walking paths next to it. Bummer that it's 55 and older. Well, I can live there but hubby can't lol lol

There isn't much for sale right now, too "wintery" yet.

I had my lab tests this morning. My doc will call me with the results when they come in.

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