Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Favorite Place

We walked someplace different this time, Harrington Beach State Park, which is about an hour northeast of Hartford, near Belgium, a bit south of Sheboygan. Unlike the Lion's Den, where a narrow, rocky beach skirts 900 foot high cliffs, the beach at Harrington is only 6 or 10 feet below the rest of the park, making access much easier. It is also wide and sandy. Don't get me wrong, I love the rocks at the Lion's Den, but walking on a soft, sandy beach is wonderful. With easterly winds kicking up waves on Lake Michigan, the area had a definite ocean feel.

Ahead is a small point of land with a path leading up

Atop the point, the view reminds me of one of my favorite places in Crescent City. It was an incredibly happy day for me.

We also discovered the park has a a lake that used to be a limestone quarry. We followed the path around the lake. It is very picturesque.

We plan to go back often. The lake is stocked, so we are planning to do some fishing as well.

Map and map detail

Red "X" shows where we parked. Blue line is the first half of our walk, green line is the second half


In other news, next month I have an appointment with the endocrinologist doc, and then hubby will have a vacation.

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