Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Today was hubby's last day off this week so we drove tho Iron Ridge and Mayville. Iron Ridge has several ridges, each higher than the first. You can see for miles to the west, south and north. The last and highest ridge has a wind farm on the other side. New construction, especially condos, is booming in Iron Ridge.

Then we continued to Mayville. We are impressed with Mayville. The population is about 5,000, one third the size of Hartford, but the quaint downtown is 4 times as big. Houses are more affordable, apartments are more affordable. We aren't sure of the job situation. We enjoyed a short walk around town, stopped for coffee, watched an eagle soar over the water, and drove home.

We left Mayville at 4 pm, reached the highway 60 junction at 4:14, and passed my hubby's work at 4:19. Of course, that's in good weather. Honestly I think it would become exhausting in winter if hubby had to drive that far to work. There are jobs up there. I think the best strategy would be for hubby to find a job, then we rent an apartment until we again qualify for a mortgage loan.

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