Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To Smell or Not to Smell

A long time ago I learned that I must use unscented detergent and unscented fabric softer or I will be coughing and wheezing. My husband wants his clothes to smell nice, so I wash and dry his separately with scented products.

I do OK with most candles, unless they are very strong.

I'm not OK with Glade Plugins. My daughter in Indiana had one plugged in when we came to visit. After an hour my eyes were burning and red and I couldn't stop coughing. I had to ask her to unplug it.

My husband, who is not phased by perfumes, told me he wanted something to make the apartment smell nice. He said one of his co-workers got an oil diffuser.  Red flags waved in front of my eyes when he suggested we get one. I told him I would look into it.

My other daughter bought a wax warmer. She had just turned it off before I came over, and she said we both didn't think it bothered me. I thought, OK, maybe I will try that.

I bought one, which I didn't like the look of when it was plugged in, so I returned it. I bought a second one that looked like it should be gorgeous, but it was ugly when turned on. Back it went. I kept the wax,

Today I decided to warm some wax in my potpourri warmer. It's one of those where the a candle heats up water that has herbs or fruit peels in it. I added a little water, the wax, and lit a candle under it.

I've tried two different scents of wax and I don't like either of them. They just smell fake and stinky. 

Maybe I will just stick with apple peels and cinnamon.

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