Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Small Things Bring Joy

Sometimes I have the greatest gratitude just watching the sunlight soften into a sunset. I feel it even more so after a run of gloomy, cloudy days that finally break into sun late in the day. What a gift that is, one I do not want to miss at all.

Another small joy is my hair is growing back. I have odd tufts of hair sticking up all over. They are finally growing long enough to lay down. I was not kidding when I assumed I had lost about half my hair (maybe 40%...?) after the surgery.

August 2016

January 2017

My blood sugar is returning to more normal (for me) levels. I think I will be back in the 6.5 A1C range again soon. That has been my normal for years. The best part is I don't need any new or different medications. I'm not sure to what I can attribute this success.

Multi-vitamins - I threw out the old and bought new, and I began taking them on a regular basis. My food tracking program told me I wasn't getting enough vitamins.

Tracking my food (not just calories but nutrition as well) - My daughter in Indiana recommended My Fitness Pal, now that I have a smartphone. Since I don't need to loose weight I use it to track nutrition. I am learning to eat more protein and less sugar.

Getting rid of stress - I don't know where that curve ball came from, but I am wondering if it was from my thyroid medicine being too high. It was increased after my doctor discovered it was too low. Now I am at the proper dose and am feeling relaxed and normal again. FYI---the only way to tell if the dose it too high or too low is by a blood test, unless one were having oddball symptoms.

I had another surprise. My strength has returned. Maybe I finally built up after carrying bags of clothes up and down the stairs to be washed. I can now carry a gallon of milk AND bags of groceries at the same time, almost like normal people. Woot!

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