Sunday, January 15, 2017

I-Pass is for Anyone

The worst part about driving between Wisconsin and Indiana is navigating the tolls through Illinois. For some reason I don't remember it being that confusing years ago when we would drive up to the family cottage. But that's when tolls were 35 cents for a car, and everyone went through them.

It's even more confusing when the GPS is saying to stay left but we need to merge right to pay. One time we took an exit because there was a sign to pay. We didn't know it was a darn exit. It is also frustrating when you are in the left lane and must merge across all those lanes just to pay the toll. We discovered were weren't the only ones. My daughter and her hubby had encountered similar frustration. We both independently decided to order I-Pass. Our's will arrive in about 2 weeks.

Since hubby had 3 days off and work was slow, we made another trip down to Indiana. We visited some old favorite stores and discovered they weren't a big deal anymore. We also visited my former neighbor, the gabby one. She behaved herself and didn't gossip. It was a rather nice visit. Before we left I walked across the street to knock on my other neighbor's door. She didn't answer. She might have been in the back of her house or the garage. I knocked again, louder, and then left. She hasn't reached out to me. At least I tried.

We drove on to do a little more shopping, pick up pizzas and drove out to my daughter's. Since it was during the week we all went to bed early. We were up and ready to go by 7:30 am because my daughter needs to lock the door with a key. There were thunder storms and rain all night. It turned to sleet. The roads were Ok, though. We visited a couple antique stores but didn't stay long. The forecast said the weather would get worse throughout the day and the icy slush was supposed to freeze solid. It was just sunny and cold in Wisconsin, with a couple inches of morning snow, so getting north of the bad weather was a priority.

Following the salt truck on country roads in Indiana

On the way home, driving past the enormous Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha Wisconsin

In spite of the weather it was a good trip. As usual, we had fun laughing and sharing stories. 

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