Tuesday, November 1, 2016

National Blog Posting Month

It's National Blog Posting Month and I signed up to post every day. I don't think that will be a problem, since I've been pretty chatty lately.

Today hubby and I went to Brookfield Mall. Usually I find mall shopping rather spendy, but I caught a sale at JC Penny for leggings. Hubby said buy three. I bought 2 black and one charcoal. They were under $10 each. They should last me awhile because they aren't something I would wear all the time. I have two tops that go great with leggings, a top hubby bought for me in Brookings, Oregon and the other from Kosovo when we were there together in 2012. They are long enough to cover what they need to cover. Hubby used to buy me chocolate, but my protests about sugar and diabetes finally ended that. So now he buys me clothes, even though I insist we need to save more. Mostly we go window shopping, and for coffee at Starbucks in Delafield. It's our day off from work date.

After Brookfield we came home, ate and then drove to West Bend. Hubby wanted to return a pair of shoes he changed his mind about. Most of the fall colors are done. We had wind and rain that knocked many of the leaves down. Some trees are still green and are just beginning to show, so we may have a second wave of color. Anyway, here is a nice grove of Oaks on the way to West Bend.

That's all for tonight.

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