Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 23: Up in the Air

Hubby has been off work since last week. He is working tonight, and I'm waiting for 10:05 pm to check his work schedule for tomorrow. If he's working, then he and I will have a bite to eat before he leaves, and then my daughter will come over after she gets home from work at 6 pm. She is baking homemade pumpkin pie. I'm doing the sides and a roast chicken, because a turkey is too big, and hubby doesn't like turkey.

This morning the gloomy weather had us both in a funk. It seems like all the things we want to do just keep getting pushed to the future. My neck and shoulders are still not strong and exercise is still difficult. My neck is stiff, with limited mobility. Oh, woe is me. Anyway, we went to the store and came home and took a nap together and felt better.

I've been dabbling in some things to keep me busy. I'm doing a few surveys online. I'm getting paid $25 to do one on food. I'm playing more with photography, trying to learn more, and hope to figure out what a good camera would be for me, because I can't lug around a heavy one. I really want to push more into my hobby. It just so happened that all three of us (who were taking pictures) shot the same scene. Here is Lake Michigan at Port Washington. Samsung S7, Maxx Droid 2 and my point and shoot Canon. I think the Samsung wins hands down. My hubby wanted the one that was blowing up.

Hubby talks about buying a house, but he isn't settled into a job he wants to keep "forever". What if we buy a house here and he finds a better job in another town? Well, credit cards first, gotta pay them off. We are nearly done there. Then there is his trip to Europe to visit his parents and brothers. He has mentioned postponing it but he already told his mom he's coming and she has been crying. We've thought about just renting, but darn-it, can I ever have More Windows than just facing One Direction? Our plans are up in the air.

Two more minutes and I can look at his schedule.

Yay, he's off tomorrow. It says "Holiday Shutdown".

Well, one thing is settled, we are eating together tomorrow, the three of us.

I purchased some online photography courses. Yay

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