Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 16: Summer in November

We had a foggy start to a sunny day. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, and then we crash into winter. We washed the car and then drove to the Lion's Den in Grafton. I got a few decent pictures. Of course I filled my pockets with rocks. We walked some distance along the shore. The air is very fresh here, no steel mills in sight. The brisk breeze was kicking up some rolling waves, the signature of our inland seas. You can listen here.As I panned across the lake, my hubby decided to recycle a stick of driftwood. You can hear me giggle as it goes ker-splat. (you might need to click twice to start the video)

Here are some pictures:

The Tide Pool

Looking north to Port Washington

Just a big rock too heavy to carry

The Dunes

Fog shrouds the Lake in the distance

One can never have too many rocks

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