Friday, July 22, 2016

This and That

Day Off

Wednesday my hubby had the day off. It was sunny and breezy, so of course we had to go somewhere. We decided to go for a drive. Where to? We have all day. Why don't we go to Appleton? Great idea! We both wondered what Appleton looked like. It sounded quaint. We packed hubby's lunch bag with drinks and snacks, grabbed the GPS and some ice coffee at Perc Place. We decided to drive through Fond du Lac and Oshkosh as well. About the time we exited Washington County the land became flat. Flat as a pancake.

Note to self....research first. These were NOT quaint towns. They are sprawling cities. To be fair, we only drove through downtown in each one. We were the least impressed by Fond du Lac. It seemed seedy in a lot of places. I took 3 pictures in Oshkosh. We stopped at a resale shop in Appleton and bought a cute lamp for my daughter. We did not see any obvious access to Lake Winnebago anywhere. As I said, we were unprepared. We didn't have a list of local attractions and we were not expecting the cities to be so big...and gritty.

Downtown Oshkosh

We were happy to get back to the rolling hills of Washington and surrounding counties. 

Other Trips?

If we drive up that way again we might visit Door County. Other trips on the back burner are Sheboygan and the Dells. We definitely need to make some plans for our "spur of the moment" trips! 

Update on My Hair

The fallout is lessening, finally, but in part because I changed shampoo. I have tried several. In the past I tried a sulfate free shampoo. My head broke out, but it was L'Oreal and it had some weird smelling herbs in it.

I tried another sulfate-free shampoo, this time a brand I had good results with in the past, Brazilian Tech Keratin. Again I broke out, so I'm guessing that whatever the "better" substitute for sulfate is breaks me out. 

Since my post-op hair loss started my daughter suggested I try her $20 Biolage. Hmmm.....still falling, and my hair still feels dry no matter how much conditioner I use.

 Two expensive "fails"

I also have these conditioners that I ordered online back in California. They are not helping much. I think I paid $8 for one and $6 for the other...not sure without looking.

Soooo....I decided to try these. $2.97 each
Amazing results! Almost no fallout, my hair is soft!

Sometimes expensive is not always better.

Gritting our teeth

Well, sort of, but we are all tired of living crammed together and nerves are getting frayed. We have about one more week before my daughter can move.


SheilaO said...

I'm a Suave girl myself. Those expensive shampoos often put a lot of stuff in them to make you think they are better. Just give me something simple. Have you ever been to Dickeyville? It's small but I find it interesting because our distant uncle mapped it out. It has an interesting Grotto there but watch out for the yellow jackets the seem to love all the stones in it.

candy said...

Oh, then I will wait for yellow jacket season to be over! I hate them!!!