Sunday, July 17, 2016

Little by Little

Life is falling back into place, coming back to normal, little by little. My daughter bought a car, so now we have full use of our car. It's been difficult, with two people working crazy different hours and sharing one car. Mostly my hubby was getting rides with his cousin, which worked out, because they work together.

My daughter will also be moving into her own apartment the end of this month, or beginning of August, something that will make us all happy, because she has been crammed into the dining room for almost 3 months. The apartment is out of order, with stuff piled here and there and the table in the living room.

My hubby is on the day shift now. After working nights all that time it is an adjustment. At least I can welcome him home at 7 pm and we can eat dinner together, instead of saying goodbye till morning.

I'm able to do more before my neck and shoulders are so tired I need to sit. Cooking is easier. I'm beginning to repot some of my plants. I've found a few interesting succulents at Aldi's! My plants are crowded right now, because my daughter bought plants, so like us, they are crammed together as well.

My dream of living where I could have the windows open all summer came true. So far I have closed the windows and ran the A/C two times, once for a day and a half and the most recent time, for two days. Most days are in the upper 70's or lower 80's and only mild humidity. It's usually breezy, with blue skies dotted with puffy clouds.

Fresh air is so important to me. I've lived too long without it. From 1963 until 1969 I lived in Los Angeles, with NO air conditioning. Many times, in the summer, I went to the library just to sit inside in the air conditioning. Many times the ozone and smog was so thick my lungs hurt and my eyes burned. When I met my first husband he brought me to northwest Indiana. For a few years we had marginally fresh air when the breeze blew from the south, but as the area to the south built up we became "inner city", with the air quality to match. To make matters worse, even when it was cool enough to walk it was usually humid. My second hubby loves to walk, but my lungs always hurt.

The move to the far north coast of California seemed like a good one. It was a dry spell, so the mold had not kicked in. We had lots of fresh air off the Pacific and my lungs didn't hurt anymore. What I didn't realize (until after we moved to Wisconsin) how much mold was around. I knew my hubby had constant and severe sinus problems, but I didn't know that freshly washed clothes would soon become musty, even in our "dry and mold-free" duplex. I have re-washed everything since moving here, because it wasn't until I was here a few weeks that I could actually smell the problem.

Other bits and pieces....we have a good number of fireflies at that! We have a variety of birds, Goldfinches, Chipping Sparrows, Nuthatches, Cardinals, Chickadees, Red-winged Blackbirds, and somewhere where I can hear them, Sandhill Cranes. I have not seen any Blue Jays, and I'm a little disappointed about that. We have bunnies that eat clover and deer that eat flowers. Not sure how to protect the flowers.Thankfully we have decent streetlights, not the horrible yellow ones they installed on my former street in Indiana that made it look like a high crime area. I am able to see some stars, but there are lights, so it's not as dark as it would be further in the country. I miss not having more windows, but that is apartment life.

So...I feel like we are still settling in, but things are moving in the right direction, and goals are in sight.

Here are some pictures:
The succulents from Aldi

My daughter's car, a 2014 KIA Forte

The deer that tried to eat the flowers

The ugly streetlights in my old neighborhood. They made an otherwise relatively safe neighborhood look like a crime-ridden know...lit up like daytime at night.

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