Friday, June 3, 2016

Winding Road

The road back to my health is a winding one, but I'm making progress. A few days ago I started washing dishes, leaving all the heavy stuff for my daughter. I also made taco salad, which was a milestone for! On June 1st we took a long walk along Pike Lake. I estimate that we walked about 2 miles.

Me and hubby walking along Pike Lake. Haha that blouse makes my butt look fat. I have no butt.

I still get moody. There is the twist in the road. Memories. Recently I tried to find an African Violet my mom bought when she and I shopped together back in the mid 1990's. I kept it for many years. I have no idea why it didn't make the move with me. I still have the one I bought for myself, which is the only violet I own right now. I have many other things from my mom, a cute kitty flowerpot, needlework, a wall hanging. I don't know why the violet bothers me so much.

Then there is Wisconsin. We didn't move here to wallow in the past, but so much of my past is here, the memories keep rearing up. I have good memories and sad ones. When I first came to the Midwest from California I set foot on the ground at O'Hare Airport. It was August 28th and so stiffing hot and humid I couldn't breath. My first hubby and I and his parents then drove to the cottage in Wisconsin. It was wonderful, magical, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, the best times of my life. It was there I learned to fish. It was a week before I would see Indiana, where I spent the next 40+ years of my life. Indiana was daily life, raising my daughters, paying bills. but Wisconsin was always magical fun. I always felt I should live here. Now that I'm living here and paying bills, I find myself wishing for magic, but the cottage was sold years ago and all the people have died.

I wasn't so naive to think that the past would be here waiting for me, but this surgery with the long recovery makes time drag on. I can't open the door to the apartment complex without help. It's too heavy, so I'm stuck, like a child. I'm still waiting to be able to drive. I'm still waiting to get to the downtown craft store to attend some group sessions of fun painting and such and make some friends. My hubby wants to make picnic destinations at the various lakes and scenic areas around Wisconsin. He missed so much work in May with me being in the hospital for so long that he's still working extra to catch up.

I only have the one therapist now, and once a week. She will come once after I follow up with my surgeon on the 15th, to make sure I understand my next steps in recovery. My older daughter and her hubby and his kids are coming to visit the weekend of the 18 and 19th. My hubby will be off work for a few days. The company does that when the workers change shifts. We might try a trip to the Dells before he returns to work on the 22nd. It's only an hour and a half away.

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