Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Perfect Weather

We had about 48 hours of hot, humid weather, and then in cooled off. Today was breezy, sunny, just perfect for a drive. We went for coffee and then shopping (but didn't buy anything but a beach towel lol). We stopped to eat at a little diner on the west side of town but since the place was closing at 3pm we had little time to study the menu. Although the place is rated well on the Internet, I didn't trust most of the items because of my food sensitivities. We will go back to Perc Place the next time we eat in town, or maybe try the Mineshaft when it's not too busy.

I did laundry by myself yay! And I drove again. Hubby and I stepped out at night and saw lightening bugs. My daughter and I decided to take a walk to the corner. We saw more lightening bugs and a deer grazing.

The Avid I ordered on Ebay came today, so I can treat my plants later, or tomorrow. I actually drove last night and today, just through town, but it's good to get back to doing things for myself. I'm turning my head more. For some reason doing dishes is still very tiring and it makes my neck and shoulders sore.

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