Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm Free!!!

Six weeks of hot cervical collar are over! It came off today. Doc says I can do anything, drive, swim, enjoy life. PT will continue at home, with new instructions. She is super happy with the healing in my neck and the abundant growth of new bone to form the fusion. She was pleasantly surprised to see me motion with my arms how I wash my hair and fix it by myself. "Let me see that again", as she asked me to raise one arm, then the other.

Today's X-ray. The ghosty wavy lines on either side of the hardware is the new bone browth

Of course my neck is still weak and stiff. The back and sides of my neck and my shoulders tire easily. I thought I should wear the brace while my daughter drove me home from Milwaukee, but she said no, that will prevent my neck muscles from getting stronger.

I stopped in for the X-rays a little over an hour before my appointment. We had some time to kill, so my daughter and I went up to the Healing Garden, then down to Starbucks for coffee, then over to Rehab so I could say hi to the girls who worked with me when I was in so much pain. They were happy to see me and happy to see I'm doing so well and that I ditched the pain meds after the 4th day at home.

It was an all-around great day.

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