Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fun Weekend!

My daughter from Indiana and her hubby and his two kids arrived on time Saturday. We ate dinner downtown and then walked around Hartford. It was a beautiful evening. Later we went back to the apartment to relax before they headed back to the hotel. Sunday dawned clear and sunny, just like Saturday. Thankfully we don't have much humidity up here. My outdoor thermometer says it hit 90. We cooked out at Pike Lake and mostly enjoyed the fresh breeze in the shade. We took a walk but it really wore me out, too much sun. Everyone headed home about 4 pm.

The bins and boxes from my daughter's storage contained a few surprises (Yay, I still have that). About 1/3 is going to donations. The huge stack of family pictures is going to get a thorough going through because pictures need to be scanned and shared.

I am exhausted.

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candy said...

Chrissy was with us