Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Side x-ray

before staple removal They start at my hairline but they gave me a buzz cut.

Glad daughter is here to help. Many things I can't do yet but I'm getting better. Hurts to sit at the computer for very long, so this will be short. Surgery was the 5th, on lots of pain meds, extreme pain when trying to get up. Pain level 10 when standing. Can you say crying and screaming. Transferred to Rehab on day 4. They discovered my pain level and said they would get that under control first. Finally up and starting therapy after a couple days. After 8 days I was doing well enough to come home. Discharge on the 17th, back to Milwaukee to have staples removed on the 18th....crazy, but they couldn't keep me an extra day. Trip in car was a pain setback but I have recovered. Two therapists come twice a week on alternating days for two weeks.

Wearing a cervical collar until next appointment the second week in June. Hard to eat, hard to chew because of swelling, collar, neck and shoulder pain, but I voluntarily stopped the pain meds. Just using Tylenol. Weak, lost the 10 pounds I wanted to loose but not the way I would recommend. Many issues I had before the surgery have been resolved. Ok, tired now.

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