Monday, May 30, 2016

Post Surgical Depression

I googled "why do I cry all the time after having surgery" and apparently it is very common. Some people become truly depressed. Others not so much but they cry often and become very reflective on their lives, which is what I've been doing.

I'm no stranger to surgery. In 1994 I had a total hysterectomy, then in 1996, bi-lateral breast cancer. These surgeries came with their own set of emotional challenges. The first made me feel the loss of womanhood, the second left me hoping for life, which I have, because I am a 20 year survivor. I once told one of my doctors that everything that makes me a woman was trying to kill me. She told me, no, being a woman, including sexual feelings, are in your mind. Best advice I was ever given.

And here I am, in my surgically altered body, loved and cared for by a younger man, and blessed to have my daughters near me, one in Indiana and one right here to care for me.

Knowing I'm not alone helps. The long recovery process makes it hard to move ahead, but I have progress.

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