Sunday, April 3, 2016

First Night

Tonight is hubby's first night at his new job. He won't be home until after 7 am. I'm making Cevapi, which are little meat sausages, for hubby's cousin. I will mix them and form them into little logs tonight and put them in the frig. Then I will set my alarm for 5 am and stick them in the oven for an hour. They should be cooked and cooled in plenty of time for me to put them in a container. Hubby will give them to his cousin in the morning when his cousin drops him off. If I'm sleepy, well, what's better than a nap with my hubby :)

We had several furious snow flurries today, each punctuated by blue skies and sunshine. Sometimes all this would happen in about 5 minutes.

Later is what I did last night...Cevapi

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