Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring is Around the Corner

I'm pretty sure April will be warming up and greening up, as we are supposed to get some rain. The snow is almost gone. Yesterday morning was sparkly from all the ice still coating the trees and wires.

Here is our living room. I have a nice view, finally! We will stay here until we save for a house. Rent is cheap and heat, water and trash are included. We only pay electric.

If you were wondering about the Bird Woman, she was given notice to stop dropping stuff off her balcony. So far there have been no more issues. The maintenance man is an "in all fairness" guy, so he taped a notice on everyone's door that said to immediately stop feeding the wildlife. We took it with a grain of salt, because we never did feed the wildlife nor did we ever throw anything out the door, and he knows that.

I am not completely unpacked, and will remain so until we move into a house. There are bins in the bedroom that I need to go through when I have time. Some things I will keep and repack, others will get donated. We went from a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom condo in California to a one bedroom apartment that might be about half that size.

The maintenance man, or caretaker and his wife live across the hall. He is sort of an almost Amish type, having been friends and neighbors with the Amish for many years. He baked bread today and brought us some. We in turn gave them some Balkan food. It's nice to have friendly neighbors. He knows all the local farmer's markets and U-Pick places. Oh, and they gave us some homemade sour kraut. Never tried homemade.

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