Monday, March 28, 2016

Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Oh, Lake Michigan, my old friend, how nice you look from the cliffs of Lion's Den. Is that the wind, that made me pause to wipe my eyes?

 The beach is 100 feet below
I was not about to attempt this path down to the beach
 A grove of Birch, maybe
 The steps leading down to the beach. Hubby leads the way while I take pictures.
 A tide pool
 The beach looking north toward Port Washington
 The cliffs, bluffs or dunes, not sure of the proper name.
The beach looking south

The Lion's Den will definitely be a place we will visit again. It is only a 21 mile drive east. The Preserve has several well-marked walking and biking trails. The city of Grafton has a Meijer grocery store, where we can pick up some excellent deals on the way home. 

Rocks, oh, yes, the beach has rocks. Yes, I picked some up to add to my collection.

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