Friday, December 16, 2016

This and That

I scored another $25 gift card, this time from a different survey company. Yay me! I noticed the companies give you bigger and better surveys after you prove yourself.

Today seemed mild after yesterday's biting 25 below zero wind chill. It started snowing about 3:30 pm. We are supposed to get a total of 8 inches by the time it's done on Sunday.

I'm trying out an app now that I have a smartphone, MyFitnessPal. I enter all the food I eat in a day and it tells me if I'm eating too much of something or not enough. I usually have problems getting enough protein without adding too much cholesterol. I have to force myself to eat fish. I don't eat a lot of meat, and I can't eat nuts.

I also have problems with eating too much sugar. It's in almost everything, including fruit. I have issues with foods that reduce sugar by adding artificial sweeteners, because they cause me to have a scratchy throat and a headache. Carbs have always been my favorite food, although I do like salads, but more so in summer. So, it's difficult, especially since all the helpful info tells me to eat nuts and soy.

I still need to experiment more with coconut flour. I think it's pretty gross, kind of like eating sand, egg-flavored sand, because you need to add a lot of eggs to hold it together.

Here's a typical issue day for me. I'm not getting enough protein, so I decide to scramble 2 eggs. "Your goal is to stay under 300 mg of Cholesterol", the program posts in red letters, as now I have exceeded it by eating 2 eggs.

Do not recommend I eat just the whites. I will gag and throw them in the trash. I hate the whites, and will only eat them if my eggs are scrambled.

I eat yogurt and the program praises me for eating calcium, but then later I eat an apple and the red-letter scolding comes up again, "Your goal is to stay under 50 grams of sugar". Normally I buy unflavored yogurt and sweeten it with Splenda, but my hubby bought me to probiotic kind, with sugar.

So it goes, issues everywhere, but I'm learning and trying.

My daughter is worried about being snowed in at work and she can't get home, or at home and she can't get to work. She said her car doesn't handle well in the snow. I haven't tried driving it lately, so I'm not sure if she's right or just out of practice for living away from winter for 12 years.

I need a short step stool so I can sit in front of the frig. It's a small frig. The whole kitchen is undersized. My issue with the frig is that because of my neck surgery I need to lean sideways to reach in and it's a pain in the neck. The other way is to squat, which I can do, but then my knees start to hurt. The best thing would be sitting in front of it. Note to a short step stool.

Well, I need to go wash some clothes, and get some exercise  from going up and down the stairs.

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