Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finally! At Last!!!

The waiting and waiting and waiting is over! We have been waiting for my hubby's 10 year Green Card for a year and eight months! We had an interview in September after which the interviewing Officer told my my hubby would get his card in about 10 days. There had been no case status updates (I check online every day), and we were becoming concerned.

Then today I logged in to find this:

I cried tears of Joy!
My hubby is sleeping. I will tell him the good news when he wakes up :)

Just to give you an idea of the immigration journey we have shared, here is a simplified list of our timeline:

17-Aug-2011 Our Wedding Day in Kosovo

07-Nov-2011 Filed I-130 (petition for alien relative)

21-Nov-2011 NOA1 (notice #1 saying the USCIS received our paperwork and cashed the check)

23-Aug-2012 NOA2 Approved 276 days (notice #2 saying Homeland Security approves the case to move forward)

10-Jan-2013 Case complete (received via email from National Visa Center)

28-Feb-2013 Interview (hubby was interviewed in Skopje, Macedonia), result Administrative Processing....meaning they were waiting for more paperwork.

11-Apr-2013 Embassy appointment - VISA APPROVED and issued in 4 hours (he needed to wait for the visa as he needed his passport to return to Kosovo)

30-Apr-2013 POE (Port of Entry) Chicago O'Hare - He's home!

04-Sep-2014 Moved to northern California

12-Mar-2015 Filed ROC (Removal of Conditions because the 2 year GC is conditional, meaning we continually need to prove we have a bonifide marriage)

16-Mar-2015 ROC Documents delivered

18-Mar-2015 Check cashed

19-Mar-2015 NOA1 dated 03/16/2015 received in mail

13-Apr-2015 Biometrics completed (fingerprints, photo and signature....done in Sacramento, CA)

02-Feb-2016 Contacted USCIS about case, was told it's on hold because of security checks (email)

04-Mar-2016 Moved to Wisconsin

12-Aug-2016 New Biometrics appointment in Milwaukee, WI (because they "expire" after 15 months)

14-Sep-2016 Contacted USCIS again about case delay (email said we should hear from them by Oct 6)

22-Sep-2016 Letter from USCIS dated 9/20 explaining the Service Request is currently being reviewed by an officer.

22-Sep-2016 Letter from USCIS dated 9/20 with Interview appointment for both of us for 28-Sep-2016

28-Sep-2016 Interview in Milwaukee, both of us, separated, not hard, 10 min. each, many questions about the moves we've made, result---said hubby will get GC in about 10 days

26-Oct-2016 *****STILL WAITING*****

02-Nov-2016 Card is being produced!!!

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