Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 12: Good Morning!

It was cold last night. We had a pretty good covering of frost when I woke up.

The window sill seems to be warmer by a couple degrees, maybe because it's near the exhaust for the boiler, I still have flowers blooming!

I've been shopping for a phone case. My hubby is giving me his Samsung Galaxy S4 after he gets his new phone. I want a new case, and since I intend to take a lot of pictures, I want a wrist strap. What I don't want is one of those cases that folds up into a wallet. Do I want to talk with a wallet stuck to my head? No. And speaking of that, maybe I will get a blue tooth thingy....not sure yet. Do I want a thing clipped to my ear? Maybe not. I don't know. I'm just really undecided. What I want is some way to hang onto my phone so it doesn't cascade off the side of a cliff or tumble down into a gorge because I didn't have it attached to me.

Here are a couple things I'm looking at:

This one is made in the USA. The one thing I don't like is the lanyard and ring it clips to are big. I could use a wrist strap, but still, that ring...
Samsung Galaxy S4 Nonslip Protective Case and Neck Lanyard

This one looks nice, but it's not real leather. The strap could easily be modified. Ships from Mainland China
Samsung Galaxy S4 fake leather case

And, my hubby got his 10 year green card!! Finally. It was a 20 month journey.

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