Thursday, September 8, 2016

Here is the Number 3 Thorn in My Side...

....and it's not a vanity issue.

3. Sunscreen. I break out from almost all of it. My younger daughter suggested the Simple brand but that causes deep, painful pimples. This morning I tried Neutrogena clear face (won't cause break-outs) it says. It burned, and instantly I started getting a rash. Washed it off, pronto.

My older daughter uses Banana Boat Kids. I seem to be ok with that except it is very oily. I use it on my neck and chest and then powder myself. My younger daughter bought CeraVe invisible Zinc. It's NOT invisible. It is difficult to apply (kind of chalky) and it gives you a bluish-white tint, so you look kind of like a Smurf.

Today I am returning the Neutrogena. I might try Aveno. I'll keep you posted.

I have a yellow tube of Walgreen's brand sunscreen but I left it in the car. It doesn't seem to break me out but it is very greasy.

I wear a hat on walks, but I really don't want to wear a hat every day.

What is your experience with sunscreen?


SheilaO said...

Tony is allergic to many brands of Sunscreen and we found that Water Babies with SPF 50 by Coppertone. There is pink bottle and also a purple colored bottle that is non-greasy. We have found that both do not give him any skin irritation.

A :-) said...

I wear it all the time. "Good sunscreen and a hat" was drilled in to me by my mother, who was even more fair than I. On my limbs I currently use Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Broad Spectrum SPF 60+. On my face, my moisturizer has sunscreen - I currently use Revision Skincare, Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50, which is enough for my daily walk to/from work. I nearly always wear a hat when I'm outside for any length of time.

candy said...

Thanks, I might look into the non-greasy one.

candy said...

Thanks. I'm trying Aveeno Baby, Says "Mild as water"....we shall see. It really makes my face shiny, though....need to add a lot of powder.