Thursday, June 23, 2016


Twice a week, but no more neck massages. Now I have a Theraband and Theraputty, along with a list of exercises. According to my therapist, I'm moving my head more normally now. I still feel like a bobble head. My head feels a bit too heavy for my neck. It takes time. They want me to work up to lifting 20 pounds, but that's not happening with the disk degeneration I have in my lower back.

In other news, I ordered some Avid on Ebay. I used to keep it on hand, but gave it away when we moved. I have 5 Primulina plants (they used to be called Chirita). I finally got around to re-potting them. I had two gemella in one pot and two Jade Moon in another pot. I noticed one Jade Moon plant is looking like it has a mite infestation. I was not able to spot any mites with my magnifying glass (yes, it is possible to spot them with a good eye loop), but that doesn't mean the plant is clean, or any of them, for that matter. I still need to re-pot my species plant. It has been on a different shelf, but I think I should treat it anyway. My one and only violet has been bagged for some time, so I'm pretty sure it is safe.

I have not bought any plants, except for the flowers outside on the window sill, which have not come in contact with anything inside, so I'm at a loss as to what happened. Here is a picture of the one Jade Moon plant in question.The center is off-colored. It just seemed odd looking.

The other Jade Moon (from the same pot) looks normal...?

I figure it can't hurt to have some Avid on hand, especially if I decide to acquire another violet or two. 

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