Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

According to my fellow blogger, today's subject is 10 things I'm curious about.

1. How my neck is healing (the bones need to fuse).

2. When can I start driving.

3. Who the cast of Doc Martin is (I just looked it up). It's a British series I like to watch on Hulu.

4. Why my blood pressure has been perfect since my surgery.

5. If my blood pressure will stay good.

6. What happened to the violets I shared because people said they would share them back.

7. Is a house really a good investment for us.

8. Is carefree apartment living a better choice.

9. What's in the boxes my daughter is bringing on the 18th (stuff we left with her when we moved the first time).

10. When will the bloom on my succulent open.

Probably not the most interesting list, but it's what came to mind this morning.

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