Thursday, April 7, 2016


Today was the first time I ever saw a Chiropractor. The session went well. I now understand my neck and shoulder pain. Though it's not that bad, it's still there, after months, and I get tingling sometimes. Apparently after I hurt it the muscles contracted and stayed that way. So the muscles are too short in my right neck and shoulder. He did several manipulations to stretch them, some with the help of his assistant. I will go back again on Tuesday. He asked me how I felt a couple times while he was doing the manipulations. "Like you're trying to rip my head off, but fine." We all laughed.

Everyone has high regards for this doctor, and his practice is inside the clinic here on the edge of town. It's nice to have good doctors around. I took a picture with my phone. I should have walked over to the window, because the view didn't show at all. The clinic is on a hill, and this wing overlooks the east edge of town with rolling hills and the tallest point, Powder Hill, in the background. OK, Tuesday I promise to get a better one, because all you can see here is the posh waiting room.

I asked the doc if he could work on my back sometime, because more often than not, my left hip gets a major pain spasm when hubby and I walk, and I really want to manage that problem so I can keep walking. He said yes, but another time, because there wasn't time today. So I'm hoping after my neck is better I can make an appointment for my back.

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